Understanding Photo Booth Rental Prices

July 1, 2021


Photobooth Rental Prices vary from event to event, and it can be hard understanding photo booth rental prices. Photo booth rental prices are usually cheaper for smaller events because of lower operating costs. If you plan on renting a photo booth, here are some things that you might want to consider.

Who are the guests at the event? Some wedding receptions have several hundred guests; some corporate events have several thousand. The size of the audience will affect how much photo booth rental prices are. A small wedding or event with several hundred guests will be less expensive than a large wedding or event with several thousand guests. Many professional companies have a set price, or can build custom package offerings, that’s usually higher ($1000+) for renting a photo booth, but there are also smaller “mom and pop” rentals that offer basic feature booths for much lower rates in the sub $600 range.

What is included in the photo booth rental prices? Most photo booth rental prices include a set number of photo prints, along with the booth itself, and a printer. Typically, there are also lighting that come with the package, and depending on the rate, a booth attendant who will man and operate the booth for your guests.  New digital only booths don’t include prints or attendants at all, guests operate the booth using a touch screen and text the photos straight to the phones.  Depending on features, prices could range from $50 an hour, to $200.

How many hours does the photo booth rental price include? Generally, the longer it is, the more it will cost. This may seem expensive for smaller weddings or gatherings, but may be cheaper for larger events or more popular events with more guests. Be sure to ask the photo booth rental company what the typical photo booth rental prices are for the time your event will be held.

Will there be enough time for the booth operator to set up and take down multiple photo booths each with different themes? There are certain limits to the number of props that can be taken during a single appointment. The number of guests will be determined by the space available and how much time can be allotted for each booth. The most popular photo booth rental time is 3 to 6 hours. It is best to book the most amount of time possible to guarantee that no guests arrive late, and miss out.

Fotably Photo Booth is a Houston photo booth rental company that specializes in one of a kind vintage inspired photo booth experiences that are perfect for boho themed events, weddings, Gatsby parties and more.  Their rates range from $450 to $2000 depending on booth chosen, features, and the time frame needed. 

I hope we have made it easier understanding photo booth prices by sharing all of the information we have. If you are interested in booking a Fotably Photo Booth for your event reach out and let’s discuss what would be the best fit for you and your budget. Contact Fotably here!

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