The restless, selfie-taking younger sister to our Bellows booth.

Like our Bellows booth, The Traveler is styled to have the same vintage charm you’d expect to come straight from a craftsman’s workbench. It has familiar lighting and takes precisely the high concept, gorgeous photographs you’d expect. So how is it different? Well, it’s mounted on a handy tripod and can run just on battery alone if needed, so you can literally place it anywhere. You could even hire more than one Traveler and position them around your event if you’re expecting a big turnout. It’s super easy for guests to operate and always results in raucous snapping and lots of fun. Even the shyest wallflower is powerless to resist The Traveler’s siren song. 

the traveler

It has flattering ring lighting an adjustable rustic tripod and boasts a compact design that makes it very, very easy to use. Just touch the screen to take stills, Boomerangs, gifs, and burst videos. It’s an Instagrammer’s dream. It can arrive with lots of photo filters and virtual props that move with you. You can text the photo straight to your phone for instant (or should that be Insta?) gratification. Put simply; The Traveler is the life and soul of your next event. 

is the ultimate selfie booth.

let's talk prices

The Traveler is rented by the hour, making things nice and simple. We have a few packages below that mostly apply to weddings and private events. The pricing for corporate or brand events, however, is slightly more bespoke so get in touch if that’s more along the lines of what you’re looking for. 

ALL DAy!: 799
3 Hours: 674
2 HOURS: 499

  • A member of our team will arrive, set everything up and dismantle everything at the end of the day/night
  • We use a feature from your event as the backdrop to the photos (for example, a textured wall, bookcase, wine rack, etc). We’re all happy to set it up in front of your balloon wall, marquee or simply point it into the room.
  • We provide an online gallery of your videos and photos
  • Virtual props and filters 
  • Guests can text all images to their phones instantly  
  • We’ll personalize a photo frame or image branding to overlay on your images to fit the theme, if desired 
  • If you need to collect data, we can activate an opt-in screen, after-session contesting and more

Every traveler package includes: 

*Prices for premium and holiday dates subject to additional charges. Prices subject to change. 

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fill out the form and a member of our team will reach out to collect a few more details about your event. 

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client reviews

~ Connie Trotter

Super fun with immediate gratification!! Quality was very impressive. Highly recommend!!

~ Katy Whitfield

 I Definitely recommend fotably and will use again in the future!

~ Cathy's Crazy Life

It was such a cool looking photo booth and Hannah had us posing like models!

~ Tiffany Indiero

If you have an event and are looking for a photo booth definitely book Fotably!!

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Meet the team 

Our team is committed and passionate about brilliant, vintage photo booths that produce swoon-worthy portraits and elevate your event to dizzying heights of wonder. They’re ready and waiting for you to drop them a line. 

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